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Let's open doors


Startups need to get in the doors of large enterprises at startup speed. Insiders, connectors and sales

pros can get them there.

We put them together.

Make your network work for you. 

Meet new startups in need, and get paid for your know-how.

Hunterz is confidential

Connect full time or freelance. Your identity remains hidden until you accept an introduction request.

Your contacts stay yours

Only add enterprise names to your profile. You don’t share your

contacts on our platform.


Then collect

Make the introduction, get paid.

No waiting for long sale cycles.

No more dealing with collection.

Use your network,

Expand your network

The #1 challenge for every freelancer is getting new clients. Hunterz gets you contacted by startups.

We ignite relationships with warm introductions.

“Warm introductions” are the referral of a vendor or startup to an enterprise through a contact who is familiar with both parties. That contact is the Hunter. The Hunter has an understanding of both the startup’s offerings and enterprise's business needs. They’re in the circle of trust for both parties, and can be relied on to make a good match. 

Once the startup and the Enterprise meet online or Face-to-face, the introduction is complete, and the Hunter can join the next hunt.


How It Works






Sign Up & Add Enterprises

Sign up, create your account with personal information and LinkedIn profile. Then add enterprises and check the departments that you are connected to.

Accept service requests

Once a startup is interested in one of your enterprises, you’ll get a Request. Review the startup’s website & solution and decide to accept or reject the request. If you accept, connect via a call to clarify your connection and their service offering.

Make The Intro

Get the startup a call or a meeting with your approved initial point of contact. 

Get Paid

Simple as that. We will send you the money to your PayPal or Venmo account. And you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the vendor (this helps everyone, so please do!) 

“Being a full time consultant, it was a welcomed change of pace to have vendors contact me for my services, instead of me having to look for new vendors. 

It was simple and quick, and I found it trustworthy to work with Hunterz.io"

Othmar knoll
Executive Consultant Healthcare
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